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May 27, 2005


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you'll get it all done...no worries...and I'd ask..or want to see a picture...if you get to know all their gorey details they should at least know what you look like...right??? xo lyns


I'm surprised the perspective adoptive parents don't get photos of you and your husband. I'd think most people would want to know what the biological parents look like as well as knowing family history, ancestory, etc. Not for vain reasons, but just because people like to know what they're possibly getting.


Cute kids you have...already comedians! Tell those perspective adoptive parents, that you aren't sure how good looking you guys are, but some chick in maryland has a huge crush on MC...for what it's worth. Dreamy!!! LOL!


Where are you going on Holidays?


Sounds like your coming to Canada for a visit. I'll check with a friend in Port Coquitlam, she has all sorts of baby stuff. She might have a pack 'n go. Anything else you need? Will Sebastion have enough toys to keep him entertained? Do you need a food processer while you are here, or are you looking to buy one for home (Hong Kong) My daughter is a Discovery Toys rep (became one just to get the toys, she plans on opening a daycare one day, and eventually the family thing) so we have lots of good quality toys, that can take the lick'n and keep on tick'n. I work for BC Ferries, so it wouldn't cost me anything but a visit to the mainland to drop them off. A reason to go shopping at Ikea...

Love the photo that MC has on his blog, would definately say you are both physically attractive... What a strange question to ask, would be more interested to know your family medical history instead!

Has your PT said anything about a merry muscles for the trio? My DD used a jolly jumper, but I had a merry muscles for David. He loved it. Made here in Victoria (Sidney) If you are interested, I can pick up one or two and drop them off at your Gran's when I go shopping at Ikea... Here's the webpage: http://www.babyloveproducts.com/merrymuscles.html

Do a list of the 5,554 things you need to do, cross them off as you get them done, assign some to Charles, delete the trivial ones (like cleaning the closets). You'll be surprised how much you can get done. (sorry, it's the anal virgo in me, always make lists so you don't forget)


You'll be fine, if absolutely stressed by the end of it. I am getting a bit stressed myself imagining it. But hey, HOLIDAY IS APPROACHING!!!

Tell them yes, you are absolutely SUPERB specimens all around. Absolutely so.


Tess, you and MC are a gorgeous couple. Just look at your adorable 4 kids!!!

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