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June 17, 2005


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I used to like you - now I am not so sure. :)


The way I see it, you're all terribly lucky.


Oh, please, tell me more. I am sitting here fantasizing about someone watching the babies while I sleep late. AND doing my ironing. More helper stories, please?


What happens when you travel? Do they come along (because I can't imagine navigating airports and flying with the gang). Or are they on paid or unpaid vacation then? It does sound like a win/win all around. Love your descriptions of life in HK!


: You are very lucky to have the extra help but it's not like you don't need it! People need to mind their own business.


Its worth every darned penny. Something I should have arranged sooner. Melo, our Filipina nanny that came from HK, is our live-in angel. The boys love her, and we love her. As a mum to twin toddler lads and both parents as shift-workers (police officers), I can't say how much this has made our lives so survivable. She is so honest, hard-working and above all else, Kind. I am so happy that you have helpers as you get to spend time with your children, and when it comes to consoling more than one, or meeting the needs of the majority...you have assistance. I don't think I would have been in this position without your advice months and months ago. I get to enjoy the most wonderful moments with the boys while having the extra set of hands nearby to free me up from the chores to do so.

So if Melo is my angel, then you are definitely my Angel Broker. Thank you for your tales of HK and the life you live there.

(kiss) XXOO


Wow, I only have one kid, but I sure need help. I suck at all that stuff and am always amazed at anyone good at it. My relief will come in the form of a kind husband one day. As you already have.


popping back in to say - you KNOW I was kidding you. I have help too - felt guilty about it for, oh, about 5 minutes, then moved on to more important things. I LOVE having help. Am very very jealous at the rate you get yours at, however. Here in sunny Florida, we are paying a fortune, but worth every penny!


molly, i'm in sunny florida too!

and tess, i am very jealous of your help. i do admit to having some help in the form of sending sagan to the babysitter's. i also have two sets of grandparents here (one set moved here last month, just), and it does come in handy. if i didn't have grandparents, i'd have to rent them. just yesterday we had three grandparents here, sagan at the sitters, and guess what? we found our garage! it's weird how much space we had lying around and didn't even know it.

historically we lived in extended family units. now that we don't do that so much, hiring help to replace that family only makes sense. driving yourself insane trying to go it alone is what is crazy! and if lita or mila ever want a vacation in sunny florida....

Kara Honigman

Hey Tess, help is easy to find, but good help isn't. There are so many issues, the biggest one being trust. I have just recently hired a wonderful young lady to come over twice a week to help with the laundry, dishes, general cleaning and the daily endeavor of sweeping and mopping the floors.(think geckko poops) and standard wage for her is 10.00Fijian per day. approx 5 bucks USD. I feel guilty in paying her so little so she generally makes 15 FJ per day. In this country, minimum wages are 1.50fj per hour. The girls/ladies who get hired to be "housegirls" as they are reffered to (local term, not expat one)make excellent wages and are always the 'sharp dressed' ones around town.
SO after 2.5 years of doing it myself my friends here are relieved that I have finally got some sense to get some help. It's not like we could affford it in Canada and I have enough second hand shoes (well, flip flops really) to last me several more years. I may as well, hire someone and it creates employment and income for one young lady. I am so lucky as "Nai" is a very trustworthy and intelligent lady to have around. Trust is hard to come by and Nai is easy to trust my children with (not that I've needed to leave them with her but if I did...) and I can leave my house with her.
In what you say about MIla and Lita, you also have a trust that runneth deep. good on yah blinky.(Do you guys know Blinky Bill? Aussie cartoon about a koala that save his peeps from the wood chip mill?)

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