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June 08, 2005


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Tess - you are such an incredible person!

I loved this post. I believe in pay it forward, however, I have not been so fortunate to run into such amazing strangers yet. Though I have met some of the most incredible friends I have through IVFC and blogs....including you!!!

Karen W


I wrote about paying it forward back when people were upset about "certain" bloggers getting attention at the birth of their child(ren), and I'm a firm believer that in each day even a simple gesture can change a person's day. And you achieve much more paying it forward than you give yourself credit for - think about your writings woman!


PS - A song for you that I love:

Lyrics by: Brett James / Holly Lamar,
as performed by Wynonna Judd
(you can listen to a clip here:

I look around at all the faces and I see
All the lonely people looking back at me
Rich, poor don't matter we're all the same
Everybody's hungry in a different way
We're clawin' and climbin' and kickin' and screamin' and fightin' but really

What the world needs now is love
Love and only love
A little help from up above
Faith to make a better day
Let's come together
Lay our differences down
Spread it all around
That's what the world needs now

(La, la, la, la, la)

Sometimes all it takes is just a smile
To change somebody's weather
Chase the clouds out of their sky
Sometimes you gotta give and not receive
Sometimes you gotta live what you believe
Open your arms cause that's where it starts
Right here with you and with me


Nobody likes the cold
We all need someone to hold
No one wants to be alone

Chorus: Repeat 3 times

(Third time: "Let's come together, lay our prejudices down…")
(La, la, la, la, la)

Fade Out


Boulder is lovely.
Tess: your heart is huge. I wanted to pay it forward TO you but never found out when your birthday was or if there was an address I could use. Your sister prolly thinks I'm a stalker because she never replied to my email. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I had good intentions toward you and I have a soft spot in my heart for you.


very Christlike of you, to give someone a second chance.

or third

or fourth.....

ahhh, but let's not get carried away....


Tess, you do pay it forward, at least you have with me. You have befriended someone who is on the other side of the world, looking for guidance, a mentor. I am so proud to call you my friend. I am so honored that you don't think I'm a freak! : )



second what Maggs said!

you do pay it forward just by letting me tell people that you are my friend. i always feel i get the better end of this bargain!

and lala, her birthday is easy to remember. just think green. (okay, and it's my parent's anniversary too, so i have another reminder.)


Hey, Jews can be generous too! ;)

You truly ARE lovely and so are the rest of you, it's like a year-round loveliness fest over at Tess'!

These past few months it was the kindness of strangers that kept me afloat, and I am forever grateful and in awe of it. I also love that movie bcs it is so easy to forget and be snarky. Er, for some of us, that is. Those are amazing stories an d I'm sure everyone has them - or at least those that risk it. I have done the previously-hurt gamble, but by second strike they're out. Giving a second chance is generous, but a third one amounts to daftness. But then, as I said, snarky.

As always, in awe of you and the amazing people that choose you for their lives.


St. Patricks Day? Darn it all to heck!

Auntie Pammie

Hi T,
I wrote Lala and told her that I do not think she is a stalker, even though that would be kind of interesting?? ( Sorry it's been a long day). I am counting down the days till you get here :-)
Auntie P

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