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June 11, 2005


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Too funny and too cute Tess!

I too love DH and we also got it a while after the US - I can't remember when - early this year I think... I have troubles watching it every week - great idea to look for the DVDs


Oh I loved it, LOVED it, LUUUURVED it! Now I am having impregnation thoughts and it mustn't be, see what you've done? I KNEW you'd like DH, yey!


Did we hit a record high yeterday with comments?
That was fun, at your expense. Sorry.


Too funny :) the things we parents will do for a little stolen down time.

Auntie P

too cute tess, I love it how Seb wins in the end.. and welcome to Desperate Housewives.. I love that show...
Auntie P

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