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June 10, 2005


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Paul Munder


I just saw the resignation. Do you want me to open an new Job Requisition? We can start compiling the Job Description when you are up for it. Obviously take this opportunity to leverage any Organizational Development initiatives that come to mind.



"Who let the dogs out?"




First, we need to figure out if this is a Danger Zone or Burn Out Zone issue. Second, I need to check the terms of the original offer letter, too. The notice period is pretty long (about 50 years) so we might be able to turn her around. What do you think?


Paul Munder

I concur that this just might be BOZ issue. She has unused Medical Leave. Why not discuss a Medical Absence? It could turn her around. If not, we could always buy out the notice.




I don't want to buy out the notice. The money is not an issue... we could take it out of petty cash... it's TESS! I LOVE Tess... Sebastian and the triplets are deeply remorseful for whatever they did that drove her to this point. Seb & I just had dinner on the porch... (yes, porch not PORSCHE) and he told me how much he loves his momma and speaks on behalf of his siblings, too. Medical leave... might work... please call Dr. James... see what he says!


It looks like management is not going to accept your resignation, but you may be getting some medical leave time. I need to check my contract and see if I have any leave time available, and if I do, can I join you? My summer nanny is on vacation for 8 days, and I am wondering - when could I get vacation for 8 HOURS?!?

We may have to stage a walk-out.


Auntie Pammie

As a Union rep, I advise that we speak before you make any more such drastic moves. I am willing to meet with you to discuss your options. Secondly we will need to file a grievance to have this letter removed from your permanent file.
In solidarity,
Auntie Pammie

Paul Munder


Hmmm... The impact on her direct reports is going to be an issue. I know that the stress of a management role can be taxing at times, but overall the teams functions very well together and she has earned their loyalty.

I have calls out to Dr. J, but no answer yet. Given that it is Friday, this might have to wait till Monday. I sugest we try to talk to her over the weekend and see just how far she has dung her heels in.

Lets talk before you talk with her so we can be clear on the points we want to raise with her.




Tess, you might want to try the "ON STRIKE" tactic first before you actually quit. I would work at re-negotiating the contract, might want to add in some additional benefits, such as an increase in the time off ratio, increase in vacation time, even if it includes duties you are currently doing. How about better benefits, such as a day at the spa every month...

Might be time to enter into a contract with oldest "minor". He may need a job description and a better understanding of his duties. I am sure that this will work for about a day or so. The other three may be too young to enter into any form of negotiation or discussion on their job descriptions. May have to consult with an attorney to see what your options are.

Seriously Tess, sorry you are having a rough time. I can not imagine what you are going through with four, three of them too young to even attempt to rationalize with. I hope you have a better week-end, that the party is a hit, the kids have a blast, get exhausted and sleep through the night, and that you and Charles can have some quiet time together.


Rough day Tess? Sorry!! I feel like that sometimes but alas, I find that I unknowingly signed myself into indentured servitude. I can't seem to earn enough to buy my own freedom. Sigh.


I had no idea we were allowed to resign! This is fabulous news, especially today! I'm off to write my own letter....

I hope you are feeling better soon, Tess.



Dr. J is lurking out their somewhere and will weigh-in soon. Dr. J has a very hollistic approach to life and I am sure he'll recommend an extended Medical LOA at one of the world's top spas!



The Ancient spoke of the healing powers of the waters of Portugal. May I be so bold as to suggest a quick hop across the oceans(s?) as compensation? I'd still walk my own dog and would hardly force you to cook, except on those days when you felt very strongly abt not being poisoned. I can also guarantee the total absence of tots and an astonishing amount of cats, dogs, cows, donkeys and goats. Oh and the pervasive sheep. I also suggest you take as many offices supplies as you can possibly carry, one can never have enough paper clips. I am also mentally sending you ALL episodes of Desperate Housewives, since holodecks are things of the past.


I would like to submit a standing offer on Temporary Help. Please consider my Agency for assistance you may want to offer your overworked employees. Our specialties are chatting late into the night, going for lunch, shopping and making jokes. I also have staff who are skilled in cuddling small children, playing games and going to the park. Cleaning skills are a requisite of each Agency member. Please choose Chambers & Assoc. for all your temporary help needs, my people will bring a smile to your face.

David James MD

Years ago,in the 60's, we just used to give Moms a few Valiums and tell them to chill out. In the 90's, it was Prozac. Now, they want a Platinum Amex, a pension plan, and more face time with hubby. Damned if I know ANYTHING about how the female mind works after all these years.

But hey, Charles...if Tess resigns, does that mean we will convene a search committee to find a suitable replacement? How much notice does she have to give? Does she get outplacment assistance?

Hans Von Booben MD

I am ze world famous Dr Hans Von Booben, ze world-famous boobologist, and I haf been asked to veigh in on zis very important matter of a sterike by ze most delicious Tess Caldvell. Vell! I must zay she is over-stressed, vat vith ze Katzenjammer triplets and ze Graf Sebstian...a blitzkrieg daily, ja? Zo, vat does ze docktor suggest? A VACATION! At ze Baden-Baden spa, vere one can take ze vaters, get a missage, and relax! And, zhe vould get ze consult on ze booby drop from me, Dr Von Booben! ZO! Charles, you must give her ze time off from ze Eastern Front, before she takes ze vun-vay U-Boat ride to Canada, ja? OR, give her ze Iron Cross for bravery and fortitude (ze sparkly things vork vunders!)


Hans Von Booben
Boobology Institute
Titanium Implant Towers
Deutsch Republik


where can I send my resume?

Tess, seriously, hope you are still hanging in there. My hat is off to you. xoxox


When my son was still in his first year and my hubby at work I creatively posted a sign on his chest, affixed with a (safety) pin. The note read "Will you take care of me? My mummy has ran for the hills seeking her long lost sanity". As he pulled up to the house I put son in babyseat in front of the door and hid.

Blessedly I got a relatively stressfree night out of hubby :) (This with ONE baby, albeit a colicky little booger).


Congratulations! you have just won an all expenses paid vacation in sunny Florida*! we offer calm tubing down a spring-fed river. more beaches than you can shake an orange stick at. driving distance to child distraction and overstimulation land. two, count 'em, TWO sets of grandparents. hot stone massage thearpy. the oldest continually inhabited city in the united states. fresh squeezed orange juice and pound cake french toast. john trevolta (at the gym no less ;). gambling day cruises. did i mention two sets of grandparents? be sure to book your reservation between hurricanes (this week isn't so good).

and remember, if you do decide a permanant walk-out is necessary, you already have a list of replacements handy :).

*airfare not included



I am not sure Dr Hans Von Booben is covered by AIA... I am not sure anything is covered by AIA. Why do we even use AIA? (Note to self: fire AIA. Find medical provider for company that will cover the Dr Hans Von Booben-types of the world.)



MC, I think you have a problem. I think Tess was the only applicant in the WWW (whole wide world) who would actually do that job. Finding a replacement will be impossible.

My suggestion - advertise for three people to fill the position.

Paul Munder


I took the incumbants competancies but I am having trouble prioritizing them in the new JD. Let's discuss over lunch:

Did I say Beautiful?
Beauty (the is the Noun form)

I did a quick search on the Job Boards and not even Monster found someone with all of these.

We might have to split the role up, out source a piece if need be, else dare I say it, downgrade?

See you at lunch...


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