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June 19, 2005


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great idea with the passport numbers thing...iam paper work girl so I am going to steal that idea!!!! Use that 70lbs per bag per person who has a seat and don't feel one moments guilt about it!!! Have a great trip... love ya and will miss you A LOT!!!!xo lyns


I lost track. Did you include a change of clothes onboard for you/MC, too? I remember a friend saying she'd never again fly (with her 5 kids) w/out extra clothes for herself. (Ya'll are the pros, so I'm sure you've done it.)

Also, I still label my kid, have since he could walk. When out, he always has names, addresses, and phone numbers on my business card in his pocket. I was always afraid he'd get separated from me at a ball game or festival and he is still terrible with remembering numbers.

Finally I had his own business cards printed with my and his father's addresses and home/cell/work phone numbers. And they're handy to stick in his gym bag and school backpack. Covers all the bases.

Gives me peace if nothing else.

Also, I always try to educate cops that little kids have handy information in their pockets.

Have a great trip! Hope the chest gunk stays at bay.


PS - J has always been an artist. It hasn't stopped and he's 7. I wish you well with Seb.


Tess the all passport numbers and expiration dates on a piece of paper is brilliant. You may also need the passport issue dates?

I can barely imagine how you're keeping it together at the moment!

Auntie P

OMG... and I thought I had a rough time packing!! Counting down the days till I see you all!!
Love Auntie P


hairspray is suppose to get ball point pen out of fabric. probably another non-polar solvent like ethanol or citrus limonene (the stuff in orange cleaners) might work as well, but test a hidden spot to make sure it won't spot the fabric.

and cricket, that's a great idea about putting a tag on your kid. i've been trying to get sagan to memorize his phone number (he's got it mostly down now) and now is address. for some reason it never occurred to me to just stick it on him. maybe i'll break out the dremmel and just make him a dog tag i can clip to a belt loop or stick around his neck. thanks for the tip.


Wow, Tess, thanks for all the packing details. Only 2 weeks until we take our trio to Scotland, so I'm working on the packing list now.

How the heck are you going to carry that carry-on??? It sounds like it will weigh a ton! And be a lot bigger than regulation size. Maybe MC will carry half the on-board stuff? Well done with all the organization, you both sound like experts.

I hope the trip goes smoothly, and that you will have a terrific holiday in Canada.

And I do hope you'll be able to post while you're away! Might suffer terrible withdrawal if I have to wait a month for news!

Best wishes,


O.k., I think I told you this in an earlier comment, but you make our summer odyssey of 10K+ kms through 3 provinces in 4-1/2 weeks with 3 kids in a van look like a picnic! I'm thankful if I remember to pack the bug dope and sunscreen, never mind the Tylenol and other medication; and I am SO thankful that we don't have to do the passports and ID thing--I'll definitely remember listing all the numbers on one sheet of paper, though, if we ever need it! Good tip about the address cards, too; hmmmm, wonder if I stapled a card to every piece of clothing, backpack, TEASPOONS (even plastic ones!) that are sent to school with my 2 boys if they would somehow manage to find their way home, too??! Looking forward to seeing you at the end of your trip, Tess (and Magnificient and entrouage, too, of course)!


Hey Tess! Alexi has discovered the joy of ball point pens as well. However, the use has been limited to application on skin and clothing only. So far...

When Alexi went to Puerto Rico and Mexico, I made copies of all important docs and even kept an extra copy in the suitcase. I had an emergency checklist with all kinds of info and recent pictures as well. I can send to you if you want.

Are you connecting in St. Louis?


Rubbing alcohol is also fantastic for removing ballpoint pen ink.

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