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June 19, 2005


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Louise M

I am exhausted just reading this. I am sure your family in Canada is very excited and counting down the days until you, MC and the chicklets are here. Not sure what phenergan is, will have to check the internet. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and that the weather gets better here in BC.


I did the trial run thing of phenergan before we went away thinking how smart I was. S went so sleep and he didn't go hyper so I thought "great".

What I discovered on the holiday was that although it puts him to sleep it is a restless sleep - he wakes a lot and doesn't sleep as long on the phenergan as he would normally. By the end of the trip I found it better to let him go to sleep on his own because I wanted him to sleep longer. I also found it dried him out - combined with the dryness of the plane he needed to drink a lot.

So try it out and monitor how the sleep goes - I would suggest giving it for a night time sleep (I only did it for a day time sleep in the car and didn't get to see what happened after the first 2 hours) and seeing how the kids do past the 2 hour mark...

Also, our bottle leaked - I couldn't get it to reseal properly - I put it in a stack of ziplock bags which was fine except when I wanted to use it and had to shove my hand into the sticky bags...


Hoping you have a wonderful time here on the Lower Mainland and you blog it :)!!!


Are you flying business class or economy? Do all the kids have their own seats or are you carrying some of them?
How long is the flight? I'm exhaused just thinking about it.
Would love to see the faces of the other passengers when you board the plane.

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