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June 22, 2005


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i'm sorry to hear carys and j aren't feeling well. and more sorry for you that your travel plans are so up in the air. annoyed, helpless, stressed, disrupted, concerned, frustrated, tired, devastated. what a huge emotional burden this must be, and so ambivalent too. hopefully things will look better for the sickies tomorrow. if you can get them well enough to fly, the fresh canadian air should help them heal quickly.

get well QUICKLY little ones!

Auntie P

Sorry to hear of this dilema... I do believe that all will work out for you and your family. Having flown before with a bad head/chest cold and plugged ears from diving, I cant imagine how rough it would be on those 2 babes to do it. I had a bad enough time as a 30+ year old .

Worse case scenario is you miss a few days and arrive later on , with healthy happy kidlets in hand.

Regardless, it will be easier for you to turn around time wise as there will be others there to help you with adjusting your internal clocks. Having 2 out of the 4 children done a few days in advance may make it easier on all of you?

I am trying to find helpful things to say here. In the meantime I am counting down the days :-)

from myself and Mr. L


Oh bother... sorry to hear of the twist in plans and hoping the kids are well enough to travel very soon.


Oh, I'm so sorry for this last-minute hassle. I will pray for the drugs to kick in quickly. And I know that you will find a way to take care of your babies' health, and everyone's different needs. But what a huge re-shuffle, just as you had it all planned to perfection!
I hope you have trip insurance, or at least reasonable change fees in case you have to reschedule your flights.

We have a children's health checkup 2 days before we travel to Scotland - not expecting any problems, they are simply due for their annual checkup. Now I'm a little worried!

Best wishes and prayers for it all to work out okay...


Oh the poor things, hope they get better soon. I can't imagine flying w an ear infection, it's hurt terribly! Or a chest one for the matter. Take pics of the triumvirate with you for re-booking and burst into tears is my suggestion. Bad one, right? It's all I have. Have heatwave brain.


Ouch. I hope the little ones get well soon and that your travel plans are not disrupted (too much). Even when you had it all planned to the detail, I guess this things happen and you will deal with amazing grace, patience and flair as always. You are such a trooper.

I will be praying for you and your family to be safely on the way and together soon!


Oh tess

So sorry about this new source of stress

praying for quick recoveries for all

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