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July 27, 2005


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Oh Tess...your post was so wonderfully put. Those cracks you speak of never stop. As your children get older those cracks get louder and more prominent. As your child stands there looking you in the eye face to face...your heart will crack a little more. Trust me I understand all too well. Remember those cracks well as that will carry you thru puberty as well as thru adulthood for your wonderful children. Just remember you have those wonderful CRACKS to lean on as you get older!!!!!!

Wish I could have seen you when you were hear in Kelowna....talk to ya soon

Love Carmen


What a truly wonderful post. You capture perfectly how kids open you up emotionally.

And you're not the only one who cracks when she sees the triplets - they are so gorgeous, so alive, so resilient.


that was lovely

Auntie P

Made me cry again before work.. Score Tess 6 , Auntie Pammie 0. I have to stop reading your blogs in the morning.. See you all in 6 days !!!


Um....I have red eyes and tear stains on my blouse.
Wonderful writing...as per usual. You never fail to inspire!


That my friend was beautiful!


Tess, this post made my own heart crack, because I recognized my own emotions as I watch my two daughters grow up, which you so aptly put into words.
I have been reading your blog since day one, and this was one of the most beautiful and insightful things you have written so far, so much so that I had to, finally, post a comment.

Sending you a big smile from Toronto!


Thank you Tess. So true. Imagine how your own Mothers' heart is cracking to see her grown daughter in the light of a young mom. Give her a hug. and you too.


what they all said.



Oh, Tess...yes...yes...yes. Everything you said. I especially feel that crack when I remember our own doctor recommending SR. I look at Sophia and think how incredibly empty our world would be without her smile, her amazement at everything, her sweetness. And I see my boys and remember their struggle in the NICU and am filled with more pride than I can stand to know how far they've come. Gosh this parenthood thing is overwhelming...in so many beautiful ways. Thank you for reminding me today as I'm exhausted from being up much of the night with my teething little William.


and now this is my favorite post of all time. Thank you. xoxo


LOVE this post! Choked me up a bit. : )

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