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July 13, 2005


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Louise M

My oldest brother Brett was enchanted with trains. When we were kids, living in Saskatoon, we were a couple miles fron the train station. Sunday afternoon drives always included a stop to watch the trains, the switching track, the huge number of wheat cars. It was even better if we got stopped at a train crossing, counting the cars of wheat as they went by. Anything less then 100 cars was considered a small train. Brett memorized the route from our house to the train station, started going there on his own (without permission) when he was five or six. My Mum was on a first name basis with the police officers. We weren't neglected, life was different in the mid '60's, kids went outside in the morning, and except for lunch/dinner and bathroom, didn't come in until bedtime. Brett is still fascinated with trains, travelled from Montreal to Vancouver by train at the end of December 2003.

This may be the start of a life-long fascination for Sebastion. I hope he remembers it.



That was such a sweet story, thanks for sharing it. I can picture exactly where you were...fond memories for sure. I could also feel the black flies and mosquitos biting, as if there was no wind to keep them away. I love your storytelling talent.

Hugs, Karen


Come on, post some pics of the smiles.


sounds divine! i hope the flies and mosquitos stay away and the magic never leaves.


Ah, what a wonderful day you had together!

I imagined I was sitting there with you, squinting in the bright sun, enjoying the afternoon's pleasure.

I think I'd have had a lovely day too!

Can't wait to see the pictures~



Oh, now see, that is fantastic - I LOVE the pictures! What a wonderful day.

Seb will remember a very long time, because he'll have your written words and the pictures to prompt his memories.

Simply divine.


He'll be back in 5 minutes, that's hysterical! He is the spitting image of Charles, isn't he? I want a day like that myself. And LOVE your outfit, you seem to as well, no?


(I am fine, really I am. Tnx dahling.)


Thanks for the pics - change you over from words to a photo story. And the pink does look good.
Kind of looks like Ketchican, Alaska - visited on a cruise a few years ago. Caught the boat in Vancouver, so I have been to BC once (for at least a few hours). I do like the green. And water.


How cool!!!
Love the pictures...and the stories!!

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