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July 30, 2005


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Auntie P

I plan on loading up on those smells / hugs and hoarding those memories away to cover me for the months in between when I see all of you. the Countdown is on!!!


wow. what an incredible observation! really...i've never thought about it, but you are right!


Ahhhhhhhhh that scent...the one I so long for again. The boys are now 5 years old and I can still sit here and remember that SMELL that came from them. I long for it...but it eludes me. Doesn't matter the babe I might hold in my arms....it is NOT THE SAME.... I can still smell it though...holding on to what I know I can't have anymore. Thank you for the reminder...needed that today!!!!!


Wait until he's 17 and racing away - what scents then? It all comes too soon.


Alexi doesn't smell like a baby anymore but she does smell like watermelon bath soap. I like it just as much. She smells like my little toddler.


Unfortunately I'm still in the midst of infertility, so I don't have a baby to sniff.

But, it must be like puppy breath. For anyone who has had a pup, they know what I'm talking about. When we first brought our puppies home (now 6 and 1 years old) I couldn't get enough of their kisses and sweet hot breath. Now they just smell like stinky dogs-but I still love them to pieces.

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