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July 28, 2005


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Darn! In the pic on this blog you're not wearing the hpvss!

Auntie P

I would love a piece of that suit also, until I get my own....
Auntie P


let's see a pic!

Louise M

I think there are pictures of you in it on MC's web page. When you went to the Bowen park, a bit of you on the plane to Vancouver, and in his May 29 "Busted" post...

Rowen had a flannel comforter my MIL made, she would wait at the dryer for the cycle to finish so she could get it back. She would hold a corner and her thumb would be in her mouth. Tried to see if the thumb/blanket habit could be broken. Told her the dryer ate her blanket (hide it in my closet). The next day, she climbed into the dryer (with the door open) and said "Mommy, the dryer is eating me" Needless to say, she got the blanket back.

David didn't really have a favourite blanket, his was a stuffed bear, which he eventually named Zelda. Even at 15, Zelda would be on his bed/pillow. If I put him (Zelda) on a shelf or dresser with his other stuffed animals, David would move Zelda to the bed before he climbed in. Zelda now sleeps on our bed, and when we are missing David, Phil or I will hug him until we fall asleep.

Soon it will be time to start looking for a new hpvss. You could even ask MC to get you one for your birthday...

Glad your having a wonderful time with your family. Hope the weather warms up. It's finally summer here on Vancouver Island!


Let's hear more about Lucy, she seems like quite a gal to buy you a suit like that.


I will always remember you in that Pink Velour Tracksuit - and the day we bought it! Make sure you have it packed for your first trip to Perth!!! Which I hope you're already contemplating!



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