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July 21, 2005


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I found your site through Linda and have been reading for a while. Glad to hear you are so happy back in Canada. How long are you home for?


Those pictures of Lita are awesome. It's so strange the different predjudices in the world. I'm glad that you are all having a great time.


Wait, so when you answer "Why does it matter?" to the "Are you a filipina?" question, how do you get treated? That's just amazing. I'm glad you, Lita and your children are enjoying Canada. The pictures remind me of my beloved Pacific northwest (northern California, actually, but 10 miles south of the Oregon border) where i grew up.


i have the book, black like me.

It was pertinent to my life. i grew up white in a predominately black neighborhood.

well, we lived in a white neighborhood, but due to the fact that my mother's friends (and husband) were black, we spent a lot more time in the black neighborhood.

the white kids hated us because we 'ran black' the black kids hated us because we were...uhm...white.

and my baby sister was caught in the middle.

however, i treasure that aspect of my life.

for whatever it is worth.


I am fascinated by the washer and dryer comment. Do you not have a washer and dryer in Hong Kong. OH, please, tess, tell me you do. I might have to cry for you. How would you handle triplets and Seb without one. I am seriously worried down here in Fl!

ps - love hearing about your trip!


oh man. if lita thinks it's bad there, she should just see the conspicuous consumption of a sam's club. by big boxes of cereal, do you mean 1.2 kilos (just checking a box from the pantry)? i would love to see her eyes the first time she walks into a super wally world (you would have loved to see mine, i was on my way home from a rush concert ;). and then there is football season. the array of bull gator motorhomes lined up is conspicuous consumption at its best.

it's always interesting to get an outside view on the western way of life. it reminds us that we are not the only ones on the planet, and not nearly as important as we may think.


Michele sent me to Charles and he sent me to you! You are a precious mother--what darlings you have! I live in Seattle and appreciate the close proximity to beautiful Vancouver.

We have eleven children and I always hoped for multiples. That never happened--I'll just be happy for you!


Love reading about your excursions in Canada!

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