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July 15, 2005


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mummy needs chocolate and ice cream.


i suggest ritter sport alpine milk and dove chocolate ice cream with chocolate ganache on top.

sorry the younguns aren't giving you a break. i wish i could go up there and lend a hand.

hugs to you.


I'm glad that you are having fun, even if the kiddos are wearing you down a bit. I loved the pics from yesterday's post too.
I wish you weren't so far from St. Louis so we could visit. Lord knows Canada is probably the closest we'll ever be to each other.

Louise M

I hope you were able to lay down and have a nap as well. My daughter (20 years old) loves Sponge Bob. My son could do a perfect impersonation of him. Rowen will switch the channel to SB when we want to watch the news... Still think Veggietales are way better and Rowen likes those as well. Rowen spent the first year of her life in a closet. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with a large storage room, took the door off and put the crib in there. Both kids have slept in a dresser drawer while visiting my Mom. Does Sebastion think he's Harry? Love the picture, can see you are having a wonderful time with your parents and your parents are having a wonderful time with you and their grandchildren.


Did you bring all those colorful toys with you, or did grandparents buy all of them in anticipation?
I love Spongebob - send some videos to friends in Sweden, and they have their own dubbed version there. And Ulf says the Swedish Spongebob voice is even more annoying than the American one.
But yes, chocolate. Some big pieces, and put two of them in you ears to keep out the screams.


Oh, yes, yes, yes. Thanks for the photos - it brings the stories to life.

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