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July 18, 2005


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You mean they did't pay to be in those concerts?
And where would the money go anyway? What happened to the Live Aid stuff? And if it worked why are they back? If it didn't work, why are they back?



i would love to have your questions answered.


There was an excellent opinion piece on this subject in last Friday's New York Times by Jean-Claude Shanda Tonme, a Cameroonian columnist. Here's an excerpt: "Don't insult Africa, this continent so rich yet so badly led. Instead, insult its leaders, who have ruined everything. Our anger is all the greater because despite all the presidents for life, despite all the evidence of genocide, we didn't hear anyone at Live 8 raise a cry for democracy in Africa"

and a link to the editorial (registration required and only accesible til Friday)


Interesting post. You are so right, if each and every celebrity that performed in each of the shows donated 1 million (peanuts) each what a difference that could have been made. And for them to designate someone to distribute the money fairly.
What a difference that would have made. But still, perhaps their intentions were true?

My husband is a firefighter, I work part time with the disabled. Every month I send a paltry $35 to the Christian Childrens Fund of Canada to help support a little boy in Indonesia and his family. I hate to sound like an advertisement or anything but if I can help make a difference surely we all can!?

I encourage all your readers to seek out similar projects and help the needy one family at a time. Let the celebrities do what they will; lets all do what WE can!


Good God, I keep bumping into Joe at the most extraordinary places, how did you find Tess??


Standing ovation, Tess, it annoyed me as well. We once organised an Amnesty concert to raise money for Tibet. There was this performer who was exiled in France and could barely scrape enough food to eat. The other performer was a high-profile Portie singer, who was thanked by someone for his extreme generosity and concern for Human Rights. Fee? More or less $30.000 US, 37.000 CAN. Such a benemerit sould indeed. I can't listen to him anymore, him and that demented Cat Stevens.

(Do you mean to seriously tell me that the G8 artists were paid?? You cannot be serious!)


re: registration required. try bugmenot.com


I didn't watch it. I have a toddler, who has time to watch tv other than the wiggles?

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