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August 03, 2005


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Neighbor's triplets across the street are the same - never apart, haven't been split amongst anyone yet. Hope they all make it.


I am sure they will all be fine. Carys the lucky little one is probably loving the one on one attention. How long are they gone for?

Are you still in Canada? When are you heading home?


I'm sure they'll be fine. I have only left Alexi ONCE and that was to do a sleep study. I don't have the heart to leave her. She's 2, but she's still my baby!!!

Louise M

That feeling never goes away, the "complete"ness of having all your family under the same roof. It stays with you even as they become adults.


Carys is so flipping cute! How come she got to go with granddad?


why did she get to go? Totally know what you mean, however. I like it when all four of my little ducks are in their own beds at home. The grandparents will take my eldest for overnight or he will go to a friend's house, and things just aren't the same.!


OK, so how is the gang doing minus one? Are you doing all the things that you couldn't when the crowd was all present?


Oh, I hear you Tess. My mom and dad keep offering to take one of our trio to GA (we're in NC) with them for a couple of weeks...to "give me a break" (really to give them more spoiling time). Although I know they'd be cared for beautifully...I can't do it. I can't bear to split them up. It was traumatic enough for me to put them in separate cribs when we moved in May to a house big enough for all three cribs to fit in the nursery. They're a set...not to be separated. At least that's how it is in my warped head/heart. I need therapy.

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