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August 19, 2005


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Looks like everyone is having a great time and the weather is holding out. Thanks for the picture update.


Popped over and saw the new you Charles. Such a lot of weight in such a short time.
Unfortunately I can only open two of the pictures. The others are just double dutch.


You could quite possibly have THE (second) most gorgeous kids in the world. Such wonderful pics



Tess......you are as breath-taking as usual. Absolutely stunning.

Seb & the babes are DIVINE.

Love you.


great photos!

when do you go back home?


Good grief, they're so big it's scary, what are you feeding them?? You, as always, photograph like a diva and Jasper and Sela w the flower are simply - well, all of the pics really are just - gah, there should be a special snack for these times!


Tess, you and the kids are absolutely gorgeous in every picture.

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