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August 30, 2005


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Auntie Pammie

Welcome back T, I hope you got my email that I found J's nebulizer . call me when you are flipped around and tell me what to do with it. Glad you are home, Miss you all LOTS !!!!


welcome home!

i'm glad you had a good summer with your family.

maybe you could find something that isn't boxing that you like almost as much. otherwise be sure to pick the owner one day for sparing partner and knock him silly. and kick him in the cojones once for me (the fat, unattractive woman with the american accent). you can tell him i sent it :).

i hope the jetlag treats you well and the babes let you sleep it off.



Welcome home. Hope that you and the children all recover quickly from the jet lag. Enjoy the boxing and don't let the instructor get you down!


Welcome home! Holiday pictures were nice, but I've missed your regular posts. Hope you had an awesome summer, and will choose to share some of the highlights with us on the internet some time. (no rush!)
Best wishes,

Jill Swann

Welcome Back Tess. I missed your blogs, and love reading your resolutions. In fact, you've motivated me to make my own. And about the boxing..I've found that jerks like that have a two-fold purpose. One, to strengthen yourself on the inside while working on your outside. Second, you need people like this to appreciate everyone else who isn't so bad - a measuring stick if you will. Good on ya for deciding to go back and if I could write him some tickets, I would...xoxo


Welcome back! Always tough coming back from vacation but I'm sure you're sort of ready to get back to the routine?

Loved Charles' updates for you. BTW, how handsome! He is such a skinny thing now!

And what do you mean people that aren't body beautiful? Tess, you are one of the most gorgeous mums I know! And I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.

Louise M

Ahhhhh, time to work on snappy comebacks...

#1 Let's see you carry new life in your belly for nine months, push it out a 10 cm hole and then look fabulous!

#2 Well, I could always speak Newfaneize (Newfoundland) for you.

I am sure you can come up with a few. Glad your back, hope MC's weight loss/spiritual change knocked your socks off. I was very impressed.

Got the new Costco coupon book yesterday, they have Liz Claiborne velour jackets/pants on sale in late September. Want me to check the colours for you? Is it time to replace the pink suit?

Looking forward to your next posts.


Tess, you could probably kick butt on that guy in a hundred different areas! I like the aggressive workout too but haven't done boxing. The closest I can get to it here in Fiji is Tae-Bo in my living room. And I haven;t done that for about 6 months (truth? more like a year;))
Welcoem back to your regular life, grab yourself some TimTams and kick back a bit. Then go kick butt at the gym!


Welcome back- it sounds like you & kids had a great time in Canada.


Welcome home! I have missed you! xoxo

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