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September 18, 2005


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Auntie Pammie

I would like to reqest a ride on the suprwhewi please and thanxs. Great blog Tess, I loved the fact that you all were able to have a normal day together!!
love to you all
Auntie P xo


What a lovely account of your day. It brings back so many memories to me of the toddler stage - which I am missing sometimes!

The train song instructions are great, wish I could have heard the song. No "I've been working on the railroad" at your house, that would be too easy! ha. Maybe you could give him a tape of Gordon Lightfoot, Murray McLaughlin or other Canadian folkies who sing train songs? (Fred Penner has a good one for kids called the Trans Canadian Super Continental Streamlined Special Express.)

Once I read a tip for feeding multiples that suggested cutting up their meat, fruit etc. with a pizza wheel. It's very speedy!

Best wishes,


i loved the train song instructions! you will have to get seb to start singing his own songs and record them for posterity (and us bloggies).


'Team Caldwell', and the 'four feet and under crowd'. Sounds like an athletic event, and from the description of your outings it really sounds athletic.

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