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September 24, 2005


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Auntie Pammie

Tess, dont start putting the cart in front of the horse just yet. I am sure Carys will be find, watch her closley, and at her next appointment mention to the Doc about the head bonks,, Even Sela's should be mentioned. YOu know with that many kids , the odds are that 1/4 is gonna get hurt. Maybe the easiest thing to do is leave some at home and take turns each week as to who gets to go? I am not expert ( since I was not around to raise my kids), but that seems like a solution in my head. I am sure Little LuLu will be fine, she has fought this long and hard, and after getting to know her this summer, she is a little scrapper. Hang in there!
Love to you all
Auntie P


Yuck! How horribly scary for you all. I hate it when they hurt themselves. Poor little darlings.

Listen to Auntie Pammie, she sounds v sensible.


Maureen Lyons

Darling, don't be too hard on yourself. It is so hard when babes get hurt 'on our shift' but you can only do so much and be in so many places at one time. When Carys fell you did all the right checks and know what to watch for over the next weeks - you did it all right. You are doing a wonderful job and are a great mum.

Much love, M xox

Louise M

You know, it was probably Sela, edging her on. "Hey Carys, next time we go shopping, fall out of the cart. Mommy gives you her undivided attention for hours and you get to be held" "Ooops, sorry. Forgot to mention that it might hurt!"

Seriously Tess, all kids have scars on them, even those kids in the Gap commercials (amazing what cover-up covers!) The guilt we carry as parents is amazing, we want to keep them safe, but we can't. Both you and MC are doing a wonderful job, and are awesome parents! (clap, clap, clap, clap)


glad to hear im not the only one... let Keighley in the stroller and forgot to buckler her in for like two seconds...THWACK..she hit the sidwalk head first!!!!!!
miss you lots..


I'm sure she'll be fine.

I can relate though...God I hope Miss A. doesn't get my bipolar disorder. I wish I could protect her from everything.


Don't be so hard on yourself, accidents happen. You have four to take care, and you only got 2 eyes. They will be fine. Kids go through bruises, they bouce, they jump, that's what they do. *hugs*


i'm sure carys will be fine. my sister had to be hit with a baseball bat to get epilepsy. i'm sure a fall from a shopping cart isn't anywhere near enough. especially since she had a counter to slow her fall. you should see the lumps sagan has on his head. poor thing will never be able to have a short haircut.

as for model babies? one word: photoshop!

jen aka mom of kamakazee cam

Tell Carys that Cam is right there with her. Last night, Cam thought it would be great to walk up my parents stairs.... with a little tykes tugboat around his legs. He now sports a lovely purple lip and lump on the noodle........yes, we are horrible parents. Thank goodness they won't remember! :-)

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