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September 12, 2005


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How frustrating! I know exactly what you mean about interviewing the friends, though. My close friends all moved away this summer and since I'm at a college I've been looking over the new people to see if there's anyone promising.


I have a few friends that I cherish deeply. I have a difficult time making friends.


Ouch, and I had such hope for your new friendship! Oh well, might as well practice making friends with someone you don't really HAVE to seal the deal with, right? Now you are better rehearsed for the ones that might have gotten away if you hadn't gotten this practice in!


No new candidates since May? Surely HK must have some people with kids the same age. I would offer our group from Sweden, twins at 14 months, older one at 3 1/2, or even our LV neighbors, triplets at 15 months, younger at 3 months, but then sebastian would be biggest. Sorry from here.

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