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October 23, 2005


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Oooh, I'm so jealous! I haven't been in BKK since April -- a couple months too long, as far as I'm concerned (though I did get in two trips to Bali, my other addiction).

Know what you mean about those Thai massages! I go to Wat Pho for them. Once I had one so painful I was groaning. The masseuse looked at me with a truly evil grin and said, "No pain, no gain." Ha ha ha. I thought I was a farang wimp until I saw a couple of Thai women groaning too...

Enjoy your return to HKG..

Maureen Lyons

It has all sounded wonderful, honey. Very thankful you both had the opportunity for some R&R. Welcome home and were four small people delighted to see you?!

Much love, M xox


Chocolate cake? Did I hear someone mention chocolate cake?


$5/an hour!?! Whoa, that's amazing! Glad to hear they were good.


You are in Bangkok again? You lucky little devil.
So - when are you coming to the US?????!!!!!! :)


Wow, that’s cheap for a massage! Thank God my hubby gives them for free. You’re lucky to get away for a weekend with hubby. I couldn’t leave my precious baby. Not that I’m over-protective or anything… : ) I think it’s great that you had a ton of medical tests done. I get a physical every 6 months but not so intrusive as yours.


hi everyone -
typepad is upgrading during our waking hours...tess is unable to post. very ticked.

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