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October 18, 2005


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my favorite was three-way calling. this post is so funny! but yeah i know what you mean.

the scary part is the next generation being techno-trained. dh and i went out to eat last week and we saw a girl of about 3-4 watching a dvd movie on a portable right at the table. her parents were talking to each other and shoveling food in her mouth while she sat there in a trance. besides the fact that it was almost 9:00pm, what about social skills?? what about interaction? are these the type of people my children will have to try to date and marry???



Auntie Pammie


Just kidding, good post T.


Almost as bad as talking on the cell phone when out with somebody. Ignore those you are with to be with somebody you're not?
Guess us old folks just leave messages in blogs instead of texting.

Elaine D

Unfortunately, it's not just teens anymore - we have kids in first grade carrying cell phones to school!


I don't text message. In fact, I really don't like being on the cell phone.

But I can send emails all day long.

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