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October 10, 2005


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AMEN!!!! xo lyns

Auntie Pammie

great blog today T.. Can you sing one about me and sebbie in a yellow sahphwewhi? Family has left, we all ate Jaspers body weight in turkey and such. A good visit , except for the fact that you and MC, Seb, Sela, JJ and little Miss Carys were not here to join us.
Love to you all and
Happy Thanksgiving!


Ahh, so beautiful. Hubby and I met over the net too.


Eyes misting up as well.....

What a touching and comical post, Tess.

"You are my sunshine", is Brody's song...

Maureen Lyons

Just beautiful, honey. Loved every word and song :-)

M xox


Will you be posting audio recordings of these, or making a CD available for purchase?


oohhhh Tess, I sing to my crew as well. We have a "good morning" song and I am always changing the words to songs I personalize for each of them. It finally happened yesterday, though. Jeffrey (my six year old) asked, "mom, can I get a new song. Mine is kid of baby-ish." He promptly burst into tears and told me he hoped that he hadn't hurt my feelings. I think he was really crying b/c he loves his song, but knows it has to end some day - and that day seems to be getting close. I thought I might cry too. We compromised and I made up a really cool "big boy" rap. He said it would do till he was 12 - and then we would have to negotiate another new tune.
loved your blog today.
glad you are home!


ahhhh, I so needed to read something that made my heart smile. thank you.

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