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October 16, 2005


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Great detailed story. NOW I remember why we didn't dine out very often when our trio were small, even before we discovered our son's peanut allergy. It was like planning a major campaign, with many back-up plans and near-crises. A lot of effort for not much nutrition and not much quality time, was our conclusion.

We developed a short list of 2 or 3 eateries that met the criteria: very fast service, always have enough high chairs, something on the menu that each child would eat, stroller accessible, clean rest rooms, noisy family atmosphere so we would fit in!

Now our kids are 5 and we still don't eat out much, except at fast food places with a children's menu. Most places are just too slow to bring the food and the bill, even when we bring along many colouring activities and toys. If the whole experience takes much more than half an hour, one or another of our kids will get too bored and restless, and then we're not having fun any more.

Yes, you earned a bow! Well done, to the whole family!

Karen Ritchey

Oh Tess!

I was SO there with you on this story. I could almost smell your dinner, and could picture it so clearly. I smiled and chuckled through the whole meal with you.
Thank you for sharing your lives with us, and for always humoring us, and always making us thankful, and always making us proud.

Hugs and Love,


Im just trying to figure out where you ate??? Dan Ryan's?? Loved the part about not taking the kids out of the highchairs...made me laugh out loud!!!

Miss ya..


You are very amazing for taking all the wee ones out - and you even took a bow. It must have been a moment!!!!

Auntie Pammie

Take 2 bows, you and MC, you both deserve it!


wow. that is amazing stuff. You know what? God gave you exactly what you needed...and you do it so well. It is true, He does not give you more than you can handle. You prove that. You guys are incredible!!


This is a great story. I love it. I do admire you are able to take your whole family out for dinner. I can't imagine how you do it. Sometimes it's hard enough to take 2 kids out, bravo.



What a fantastic story. I was right there with you....every giggling and choking and vomiting detail...I LOVE IT!!

Perhaps one day, we'll all sit down together for a meal - and Bubba will most likely misbehave more seriously than your group combined. Just last week while eating in a restaurant, a young boy wearing a Spiderman shirt walked past B's chair..He instantly recognized the figure as the "good guy" and went into BAD GUY mode. He proceeded to attack the poor kid with a punch to the belly - complete with a loud "RAHHHHHHH".

I'm certain the poor child peed his pants.....

Maureen Lyons

Tess, what a great blog! I felt I was sitting in the next cubicle at Dan Ryan's watching the well-oiled machine of you and Chuck as you deftly manoeuvered your way through lunch with the four kidlets. I know I should not say this, but will anyway, "What fun!!"
Much love, M xox


I love it, I love it, LOVE it that you took a bow! As well you should, woman! That sounds military in its precision and kudos to you two for orchestrating it.


HAhaha! Great!!
taking these coconuts to a restaurant...both looking forward to it and dreading it.
i love that the guy was driving a porche!


LOL! what a wonderful post!

you (and MC) ROCK!

lots of love


Thanks, it is impressive. I'll take notes for when our Swedish friends are out with their crowd.


i can totally relate...except i never remember to ask for the bill until our kids have started throwing food on the floor and are crying and writhing against the highchair belt.


Standing Ovation!!!!

I use many of these tactics with our singleton. I'm truly impressed that you dine out with 4 toddlers.


Great story! I love the precision & exactness. Management is key, and disaster avoidance a valuable skill.
Great post! I can only hope to reach your level of aptness when my 3 little ones come.

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