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October 15, 2005


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mmmmmmmmmmm. i think i'm gonna get marshall to take me out for chinese today. or at least get takeaway for the football game. definitely chinese food today.


This blog is making me hungry.

I am an avid consumer of dim sum. I've never known the name of one of my favorites, though a little help, please?

It's a sheet of rice noodle dough folded around a few shrimp in the middle, kind of a rectangular affair, and steamed. Simple, chewy, delicious.



yup. made me hungry too. i'm sure chinese THERE is better than chinese here. am i not right?


Never had dim sum, but nothing is as satisfying as a big smoocheroo from the kid. : )


I liked your blog title before; even more now you've explained the "touch your heart" part. Perfect!

And I must go out for Dim Sum again one day. Sounds so delicious, I will be drooling on my keyboard!


Oh man. Now I'm drooling.


yep, made marshall pick up chinese on the way home. potstickers, egg rolls, fried rice....hey, he forgot the wontons. i'll live. i made matzo balls for some future soup. that's kind of like jewish dim sum, right?

too bad the gators lost. maybe someday they will remember how to throw the ball. at least i had some good food.

Auntie Pammie

Tess, I had almost stopped obsessing over this item ( as it was not available when we last went to Shenzhen), BUT since you made me re-open the "food" wound, it was puffed turnip pastry.. I have so much drool running down my face as I type this, it is going to short out my keyboard.
Now I am off to work.
Auntie P xo
good suggestions by the way


Enjoyed your article about Dim Sum, I have had it two times now and absolutely love it and crave more. My boyfriend was impressed with your knowledge of it since you are not asian (my bf is chinese) You mentioned some of my favorite's and it was fun to see the name of them and the descriptions.

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