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November 24, 2005


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thank you for the new pix!

and happy turkey day to those in southern north amearica.


What a gorgeous bunch! They're getting so grown up and have really started looking like little people!


i love love LOVE the pics - thank you so much for doing this, been having withdrawals.

your kiddies are so gorg - and HOW much does Seb look like MC!!

do the trips get along?

yay, gorg kids my darling, but totally not surprised

Karen Ritchey

Oh my goodness!
I have prayed long and hard for these little miracles.
What incredibly delightful, gorgeous and happy answers to prayer they all are!
Thank you for sharing these photos.

Hugs, Karen


Gorgeous, fabulous pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. I love them all, especially the bathtime ones. (Can't believe you can let C have such a large bucket in there, and not get a flood on the floor!) What happy days. Your home overflows with blessings!
Best wishes,

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