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November 27, 2005


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but how can i leave you the comments, when mc got on the computer first? and how can i leave comments at all with all these interruptions? off to feed the squawkers.


Fantastic! I wish I could remember Jack's 4th, the years they do fly by.


Oh Tess!
ALL of your children are absolute gorgeous little tykes! I just love all of the new November pictures. They have certainly become their own little people haven't they?
So precious!


Happy Bithday Sebastian

Tess, I was at the store the other day and I saw blackforest flavoured timtams and thought of you! send me an email (use the one from HP not the one i've given here) with your address and I'll send a pack across


What do you mean Sebastian is four now? Where did the time go?

I'm sorry I haven't responded to your email. Life has been somewhat unkind to me lately.

But I'm here and reading blogs.


Happy Birthday Sebastian! What an awesome cake :) Looks like a great time was had by everyone. My little fellow turns 4 on Tues 29th...sigh, where did the time go??!


Congrats Sebastian! Four years young, an incredible custom cake and a party with so many friends to celebrate with. You are such a lucky young man. Happy Birthday little chap!!


I can't believe we weren't there for it! But I loved the little movie of Happy Birthday, thanks for including it.
Please say Happy Birthday to Sebastian from us, especially Hubie.


Happy Birthday Sebastian!

What great pictures!

And I love the girls dresses they are beautiful!


Happy Birthday Seb! You are such a big boy. I did not know you were so very cute! wow!

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