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November 14, 2005


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Beautiful Children. Your a great mom

Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

Darling, I ached for you as I read this as I could relate to what you were saying. Nevertheless, I agree with 'anon' above that you are a great mum and only human - allow yourself to forgive yourself if you think you failed! I still maintain you are doing such a fine job of mothering your wee foursome. The photos are GLORIOUS!
Love, M xox


Just yesterday the American Toy Museum introduced the toys they would be giving an award to, and putting into the museum. The best one this year is the box that other things come in. Yes, children would rather have the box than the stuff inside (as yours seem to). Good work on the fine selection.


Chosing to be a stay at home mom doesn't mean you are able to clone yourself...you are doing an incredible job. I learn from you and I only have half the kids. You are there for all the times in-between big events. You will make others, you will miss some too. But as a mummy, you will be there when they have their heart broken, when they see something so majestic their jaws drop, when they need a hug and when they need a hand to hold. Those are the really important times. And I see how you coordinate events, activities, and still save a wee bit of time for yourself to recharge. You are incredible, amazing and powerful. XOXO


Oh! And thanks for the pictures. I looooove pictures. :)

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