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November 18, 2005


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I hadn't heard the second verse, but my daughter would love that!

I hope Carys decides to use her manners with her food as well as with her toys and books.

Louise M

The second verse I sung with my kids:

Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Ha ha fooled you
I'm a submarine

My daughter Rowen (Row for short) loved the song as a small child, took up rowing (doubles, fours, quads and 8's) as a teenager. Always thought it was very appropriate given her nickname.


seb is so cute. he's a natural leader. hmmmm, wonder where he gets that from?


When did they get to be discerning?

Why when they chose you & MC as their parents, silly.



Crocodiles? Haven't heard that one here in the US. Please, tell me you don't have crocs in Hong Kong. Supposedly we have aligators in the New York sewer system, but crocs? What would Peter Pan think!


jiv: we do have crocs in florida, along with alligators. gators are found wherever there is water, and in large quantity congregating in stadiums on saturdays in the fall. crocs limit themselves to the swamps and estuaries of southern florida.

Elaine D

Your post brought back fun memories of singing Row row row your boat in the canoe with Sebbie this summer while watching airplanes approach the YK airport! Say hi to him from Nafan's mom.


stopping by,
what adorable little blessings you have!!

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