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November 15, 2005


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Are you sure you are going to win this one? But I am glad that you are teaching, it is nice to have a mother that really cares and tries.


O! the breathtaking beauty in those eyes! Keep fighting the good fight Tess!


Good on you for showing her one of the greatest gifts humanity has to offer: choice. Consequence is a lesson that must be taught along with it. Hopefully she won't talk her siblings into the same thing so they conspire against you. I also agree about the bedtime bit: no need to punish, simply show the consequence of choice.

To borrow a line from an old show...And so it begins...

Auntie Pammie

Ummmm since Carys and I not only look alike ( not as much as Grandad Blake mind you), but are similar in spirit, I'd say you've got your hands full Tess. I wish you all the best as I still say she is making up for the 90% of the non-survival odds she was given .
Sending you love xoxox
Auntie P


ok, carys is secretly a little bit my fave, so it does my heart proud to see a little spunk there. tee hee, you go girl!


it's always difficult to pick your battles, because they usually get picked for you.

you say, "do it." they say, "no." you repeat the request, not quite so politely. the battle of wills has begun and you, being the adult, must win. of course you have to win, that's a no-brainer. the hard part is to figure out how to back down when it's not important. you can't do it once the event has been escalated, but you don't see the escalation happening until it's too late.

i know i do this all too often. then things become a battle of wills that really i should just let slide. once the battle is over i just have to decide, in advance, if it should be a battle next time. then i can opt out at the beginning, when i can do so with grace.

i hope zali will benefit from whatever miniscule amount of wisdom i aquire in raising sagan. but she probably won't. maybe next lifetime.


First of all.........they have hair!!

Secondly, I am totally on your side, it may be hard, but much better for her if you stick to your guns!


You know darling friend, I often find myself so grateful that I have you to struggle with these battles and work them out so I can watch, listen and learn. I have always admired your parenting skills and you continue to amaze me. It takes A LOT of time, energy and struggle to be a parent that can think of the long term goals with their child instead of giving into the little battles each day. Good for you!
In short, I admire you!

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