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December 26, 2005


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Auntie Pammie

Tess, looking forward to hearing more about your Christmas, I am working massive amounts of shifts, will call you after the 27thj when I have a few days off.
love to all
auntie P


Belatedly, wishing you and all your family the peace, joy and love of Christmas.
I think you will write a terrific book! And there is definitely room for another GOOD book about multiples, complete with personal anecdotes about what the pregnancy, birth, prematurity and parenting stages are really like.
Go for it - you write beautifully.


happy WiSHOC and merry christmas!

and, as it turns out, one of joe's (you met him, he's the weird one) sisters used to be an agent. i'll get mom to ask her if she still represents authors or knows someone she can recommend.

HugS to you all!


Sounds like you had an awesome day!!! Bummer about those concrete floors...they don't handle teeth, plates or glass so well!! Don't know any publishers..but hope all goes well with the book...im sure that it will be great!! missing you lots..xo lyns


I would love to read a book about multiples by you!


Merry Chrstimas!!


Good luck with the book! I'm rewriting one myself -- a novel though. Took me a whole year to finish in between work emergencies and family crises...This next year is when I try to sell it and I'm in exactly the same position, trying to figure out how to get an agent.

Best of luck and Happy New Year!


Re: book publishing...

Do you know of the Canadian author Ann Douglas, who has written The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, the Mother of All Parenting Books (very good), and others in the Mother of All series? She has an interesting weblog called, not surprisingly, The Mother of All Blogs, and has recently been answering questions about publishing. See www.anndouglas.blogspot.com for some interesting articles and many links.
She does answer personal emails, though it may take a little while.

Also, do you have the book Finding Our Way - Life with Triplets, Quadruplets and Quintuplets, published in 2001 by the TQQ Association in Ontario? (It's wonderful!) If you contact some of their members who contributed to the book, you might be able to find out how they self-published it. Their website is www.tqq.com and I think you can still email to members from that site.

Best wishes,


I think you have a great writing style, and think the world could benefit from your writing a book! I'm sure the hundreds of other people who visit your site will attest to that as well.

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