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December 03, 2005


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Glad you are back..missed ya!!! Don't all kids walk on the balls of their feet to begin with??? Boy, they sure like to harp on the small stuff and leave little encouragement!!! CRAZY...have fun with the tree!!! xo lyns


Yes, I thought lots of kids started that way.
Glad Christmas is starting, sorry Charles is going away. But at least he will be back by the 25th.


these are the same professionals who told you carys might never walk. the professionals don't know your children.

mc's coworkers sound very cool, and cute. it was so good of them to play school. how many grown men would honestly do that, and for someone else's kid? tres cool! (hmmmm, something to keep in mind should marshall ever be on the market again....)


Hey, cautiously optimistic is just fine - take it and run! Your kids sound terrific, and have already risen to meet many challenges. I'll bet they will continue to catch up and meet their milestones in good order.

Wishing you very good luck with the thyroid thing. Hope you will feel great as it begins to work!

These fairs sound very good. Is it an annual celebration, or is it visiting so you can choose a preschool or kindergarten? Either way, the food and shopping both sound lovely!

Sorry Charles has to travel again. Hoping the days fly by for all of you, and that you have great fun preparing for Christmas.
(We've got 7 different advent calendars on the go, and our kids keep wanting to act out a nativity play. Fun times!)

Best wishes,

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