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December 20, 2005


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MC in hospital? Sending good thoughts that he is well now!

Baby Melissa in HK sounds like a genius plan, how excellent that it has come together so nicely. Must make you happy to know the three of them are all together for the holidays, and to be able to *see* (instead of intrisic knowledge that you are reuniting, and therefore creating happiness for them) the happiness is extra nice Seb is quite the gentleman, though I'm not suprised. :)

Body sounds banged up - hate those deep bruises. Nickname is Grace, so I know of your pain. Ha! But excellent news the shoes are ok. Yay!



So sorry you fell...where were you???? Is MC OK?? Hope all is better on the physcial feeling front before Sunday!!! How fun to bring Melissa to them for the holidays!!! What a creatve idea...im sure Lita and da are proud as punch...and your little ones...how friendly and loving...esp Seb...he could have totally freaked at the prospect of having yet ANOTHER baby around...but not Seb...sweet as ever good job mom and dad!!!!! Love you guys lots..missing you too...xo lyns


sorry to hear things are not so well with you and mc. i hope you are both on the mend quickly.

what a lovely gift for lita and de. i'm so glad they are all able to be together, but not nearly as glad as they must be :). very heartwarming.


Tell MC I wish him healthy for the holidays.
I am so curious about the hows and whys of Phillipinas leaving their children to work out of the country. It seems like such a sad situation even though I know it's fiscally necessary. Can you elaborate at some point in the future?


Oh no! What's wrong with MC?


Sounds like you should have broken the shoes instead of yourself. (I know, shoes!!!).

Why you like heels I will never know. Yes, yes, they look so nice. But I have never heard a woman say that heels feel so good to wear.

Auntie Pammie

Glad that you and MC and the shoes are ok. You and Charles are amazing people to have Melissa there to be with her parents for the holidays. As usual you both amaze me :-)
Auntie Pammie xoxox


Glad the shoes were not hurt in the falling process. :)
Hope both you and MC are on the road of healing.

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