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December 07, 2005


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Mo aka Maureen aka M aka grandmother   :-)

Tess!! you trend setter, you!! Such power, such influence :-)

Very sorry to read about JJ - I will continue praying for the little man.

Much love, M xox


Sounds like one of those newspaper suggestions - 'You are a fashion maven, you influence others with your every selection, people follow you in order to copy your every move'
Perhaps you can start a new trend? Pantyhose hung on an ear or something, see if others do it. Be really surprised when you see photos of movie stars similarly adorned, and you can say 'I started that'.

Auntie Pammie

Tess, when will Jasper be seen by physician? Is he taking in anything by mouth?? water, juice? This is so not like him and if I was in your shoes I would have him seen.
A concerned auntie....
ps) you are so the trendsetter


That's really creepy. I'd start picking up really ugly things and then watching the streets to see if you can start a fashion trend. Anything but powerpuff girls please.


It's your aura, babe. I'm not even in the same country adn I admire you so much!!!

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