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December 13, 2005


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Who says you're not funny?!?! I nearly fell out of my chair at the amoeba spittle thing. EEEEEWWW! Gross. I've seen that sort of thing...seems like they'd feel it or something. About the school business...I don't know what I'd do in your situation. I'm sure you'll make a wise decision, though. I'm always, always impressed by your wisdom. Oh, and sense of humor. Yes, sense of humor.

Auntie Pammie

flashbacks of mr. miller from grade 4... thanxs I needed a laugh ...
Auntie P xo


Ok..first that was the most hiliarious thing in the world...the sarcasm and tissue bit...I can picute it so well... about peed my pants....
second..i say give the school thing a try...I know I do this with Keighley especially, give extra attention b/c I love her and she's my baby and I don't want to see her struggle with anything!!! I don't even relize that I am doing it most of the time...maybe a few hours a week of him figuring it all out on his own under another adults supervision would help him... my only fear would be for the passing of infections.... school is a great place to pick up a cold!!!! you'll figure it out and do what is right for JJ...that I know for sure!!! xo lyns


Tess, I wanted to tell you about our experience with school. My trio were born 8-11-03 at 27 weeks. They have been going to school since Sept. They get on the big yellow school bus and are off into the big world all by themselves. Very scarry for Mommy! I would love to chat about the changes we have seen since they started school. Phenominal!! Please email me at trips81103@yahoo if you have any questions.


At times it takes others to see what we are involved in. Same with our Swedes - we saw what they did with their group, but because they lived inside it was just the way things were.
Perhaps school might help. I like the way he phrased it - " he needs to interact with other kids who don't love him"


Wow, preschool for an 18 month old? It sounds so early!
Ours began preschool 2 mornings a week when they were 3 1/2, and they LOVED it, and so did I. They learned so much, and were stimulated so much in that 2 hours, way more than I would ever do with them at home. You know, changing activities every 20 minutes, making crafts every day and so on.
Maybe if they had started in that type of environment earlier, their speech would have matured more rapidly, and their social skills too. Now after 2 years of preschool, all three are flourishing in Kindergarten and loving it every day. We were very happy with our preschool experience.

I'd say that you don't have to follow the doctor's suggestion. (And if you are really surprised by it, you might seek a second opinion by another qualified pediatric developmental specialist - if available.) However the observation that J might be getting too much love and attention, and having his needs met too promptly, is an interesting one, and worth considering. You could make some changes at home to challenge him a little more, if you think the suggestion is accurate. That would probably challenge and stimulate the girls too.

And if preschool would be good for JJ, it might be good for the girls as well, for just 2 mornings a week. Would you be more comfortable doing the same for all three children? Would each of them benefit in some areas?

There's a great website on education issues for multiples at
twinsandmultiples.org It addresses many concerns about how multiples relate to each other and to the rest of the world, and gives perspectives on many school issues. The site's articles are based on proper research, not just anecdotes. And it doesn't offer advice for what decisions to make, but it gives many thought-provoking questions to consider, to guide you to a decision that's best for each individual child.
It takes time to go through the many articles under "Preschool" and perhaps under "Special Needs" but I think you'll find it valuable.

I know you and Charles will research and ponder and pray, and will make the best decision for J and for all your family, as you do with other situations.

Best wishes,

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