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January 29, 2006


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I wish that I were in Hong Kong so that Noah and Keighley could come over and play and then get the Pox too.... as awful as it will be for the next few weeks... I am glad that they are getting it when they are this young... either way you feel about it... you are in my thoughts with four itchy ones... 2 more sleeps until #3 arrives... thinking of your wonderful breakfast to me w/ Keighley... miss you lots..xo lyns


Hi! I am a rather new reader!! Sounds like a fun Chinese New Year!! Too bad about your kids coming down with chicken pox, but probably good to get all done and over with now... right??


Chicken Pox - on four kids at once? I hope you and Charles have had it at least.


My oldest is 13 and has yet to have the pox. I am so upset. Various friends over the years have called me up when their kids became exposed and I rushed over with my kids and spent hours with them.

Nothing. Their's would always end up with it, and mine with nothing.

My oldest has excema and all kinds of health issues. We REALLY wanted him to get the pox and get it over with. Now my youngest is 5 and still...NOTHING.

Envy you, but I don't envy you, if you know what I mean!


sounds like a fabulous weekend! Until the pox that is.... :(

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