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January 11, 2006


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Have a great trip! Where in texas will you be going?

Way to go Sela!


That's the reason for an Ipod, so you can ignore your surroundings.
Texas? Not Vegas? And without the kids? What do you get to do down there?


Tess - I know it is hard for you to leave your children....especially at the FUN age they are now!
But honey, I appreciate it! I will never ever forget the sacrifice you made to come to my baby shower!!!!!


flying and fleeting observations
hi from texas!

i am in the dallas area and i have to tell you, the little i have seen of tx is not what people told me to expect. geographically, i am very comfortable here, the setting is very much like edmonton, some rolling hills and trees, otherwise pretty flat. sprawling. they certainly have space in texas!

my flights were uneventful. i don't mean to slag off united airlines, but their inflight customer service on the international flight was appalling. there was this one air hostess and she did not crack a smile the entire flight. she scowled at everyone, or possibly it was all the makeup she was wearing that pulled her face into this unhappy look. she was snappy with her answers and she was openly hostile to this one elderly couple. possibly she looked at the seat listing, saw that i wasn't an authentic business class person (i used points to upgrade) and figured she could take out her frustrations on me and the other couple. even though i felt like a complete gobdaw, i asked her i was using my television correctly (it kept sliding and the sound was "exploding" every time the headset wires were moved and she replied, "no, it is broken, and you can't expect me to fix it."

you just don't get that on cathay pacific or singapore airlines. can anyone tell me why?

united has a new boarding system. window seats first, then middle seats and then aisle seats. they figure this will be faster than boarding the back of the plane first. from what i witnessed, this will not be the situation. and the fighting for overhead bin space was incredible.

i wrote a story the other day for tatler saying that flying is very much like primary school. there are parallels, especially: even if you did nothing wrong, most of the time you don't get to leave at the time they told you you could


Tess - I LOVE you and I LOVE you being at my home! You are such a special soul - and I am honored that you are at my home!!!!

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