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January 20, 2006


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They both look like Charles but in different ways. You've got a beautiful crew!


My God Tess. Seb is breathtaking. I could sit and look at that angelic face for hours!!


Love the pics, Tess! I can't believe how much Jasper has changed since the summer! Where has the baby gone? I'm also amazed & delighted to realize how much Carys resembles Nathan at that age!

Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

Totally and unashamedly biased - THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!

Love, M xox


Tess, after your story of the Chrismas pagent, what a treat to see Seb as "Santa"! I miss you!


Gorgeous. All of your kids resemble each other, but are their own unique people as well.

Just beautiful. It is clear how much you enjoy them:)

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