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January 26, 2006


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Oooh, I can't believe it! I'm sure this will be a short-lived phase, and you will be laughing hard about it. But I would definitely be miffed if my trio did that!
Hmmm, I think Jasper and the girls have a sense of humour! "Hey, watch how that line in Mummy's forehead gets all deep when I call her "Daddy!" You do it too, and maybe that vein will stick out again. Cool!"

Still and all, I am very impressed that all three are making clear words and little sentences too. Our trio did not really start on single words until 21 months. At their 2nd birthdays, the girls had about 50+ words and were starting 2-word phrases, but our son still had only about 10 words, and we were quite worried about the delay.

Then he caught up with a vengeance in the next 6 months, and became the clearest speaker and most talkative of the three. He remains the extrovert, and the one most comfortable talking with adults and people he doesn't know. I guess he just had a phase of listening and taking it all in, before he began to spill out all his thoughts.

Anyway, sounds like all three of your beautiful children are speaking well, especially for preemies. Hooray, hooray, hooray for them! And learning how to tease their mother? Well, not so great, but I guess you might as well get used to it!

Best wishes,


Hey, looks like Sheila is from Sask?? Cool, me too!

Sorry Tess, but this was funny. I know how you feel, though.

I can tell you now how I know you. I mean, I just found out how the friend who pointed me in your direction knows you:) I have been lurking and commenting for some time.

Your younger sister babysat a friend of mine's kids in Yellowknife. And your mother (and I assume sister??) attend the same church. I don't want to say names on here in case she doesn't want me to.

Anyway, when the trips were born she told me about it and I have been following your story ever since. Now I am hooked on blogs and have one of my own!!!

I am planning on posting something about how early/late etc that my kids spoke.

Carry on the good parenting!!


laura - charles and i are trying to leave you messages on your blog but are unable to...please send me your email address!


Oh I am sure it will pass....at least I hope it will! Maybe Charles could give them a little help.....I'm Daddy - this is Mummy....kind of thing.

And YES - Tess does the most amazing Elmo voice! It is perfect!

And now - my advice for the day.....STEP AWAY FROM THE GUMMY BEARS!!!!!


I wish you women would make a common decision. Your mother gets right irate when I call her MUMMY!

Karen Ritchey


You have humored me once again. I loved this blog. Sorry about the Mommy thing, but this sure was fun to read!

Hugs from Alberta,


being called daddy is nothing. how about walking in the room and being told, "no mommy! go `way!"

feel the love :).

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