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January 09, 2006


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Auntie Pammie

Sebbie Sebbie So So, I was sorting thru some things yesterday ( yes I was throwing away "junk") and I stumbled across the sign that Seb was wearing across his little brown cord jacket at the ripe age of almost 4 months . The sign that says "Auntie Pammie " means more to me and always will. He is my super special little "Stinky" and he has a reserved spot in my heart.
Lots of love to you all
Auntie Pammie xoxo

Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

Ohhhh Sebbie Sebbie So So - how well I remember us all calling you that special name :-) You are the best older brother, Seb, and Mo loves you to bits. Keep on being you, little man.

Much love, M xox


heh, my little man told me the same thing. that was until his little sister was born.


That was a beautiful post. I love hearing about your children. Thanks for sharing.


Very beautiful how you write about your child. Thanks for sharing.


Tess, I just have to speak out about this and request that you do this, writing about each child's personality, at least once a year. Save them. I would give anything to have my mother's words about me as a child, especially now that she has passed away. I am so amazed by your insights and abilities to see into your children's minds and hearts. They will be astounded by it, too, when they are old enough to know how special this is.


i LOVE your love for your children. Not just because they are your children, but because of who they are. i love your desire to really KNOW them. Little Sebastian sounds adorable.

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