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January 27, 2006


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and yet, i still wish i were more like tess.

Auntie Pammie

You gotta love VAlentines day ( Yes I am being selfish and dont have a choice on this one), I celebrate your b-day with a few green pints :-)
Sending over things with Mom, what do you need? or MC need? or Seb/babes?
Love to you all.


I had to delurk to say - #8 is a delightful trait and can't possibly be described as a wart! I do the same thing all the time most especially to my husband...(yah I get some oddball looks sometime too)


No red hearts and flowers? At least those little cinnamon hearts (or are they a US thing)?

But toe cracking while somebody is trying to get to sleep?


I also totally hate cheapness. And I agree, frugality is a totally different thing. I can appreciate keeping the heat low, but not leaving a bad tip.


what IS sudoku? i like cross words, so i might like this too


Rachel said it better than I can.



OK - a bit worried about the cheap people thing since you saw me shopping for baby clothes!! Hopefully I classify as "frugal" and not "cheap"!!!!!!

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