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February 28, 2006


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Dear Tess,

You are so remarkably strong in times of need - quite an inspiration. I do hope Jay Jay improves overnight, is it related to his other chest infections?
On the Grommets front, Hugh had them at 2 years old, and they made a dramatic difference to his hearing and speech, even though they were put in to treat his repeated inner ear infections.
Praying for a good night for you all.
Lots of love Lucy


Tess and J and all..

You are in our thoughts and prayers...hope JJ is feeling better and that you are able to get some sleep...im glad Mo is there too!!! Miss you and love you...xo lyns

Auntie Pammie

As always , you and your family are on my mind andin my thoughts, i send my love to you all, tell JJ to get better soon as this Auntie has Girl Guide cookies to share with him this summer.


Glad he didn't need an IV. Hope you are able to get some sleep. Hope he gets to come home soon.


Prayers from Texas for your little ones, especially Jasper in his time of need! Love to you all!

Louise M

Prayers from Victoria, a huge virtual hug to JJ, hope he gets better. I bet his siblings really miss him and are probably wondering the house looking for him... Glad your Mum is there to help.


Tess! Been away, on a workshop, only got this news now.

Hope little J is ok and getting better and that you are ok too.

Thinking of you all the time, love you lots



Oh. Didn't read your blog yesterday so just found out about little Jasper today. Hope he is feeling better soon.

God bless you and your family.


Praying that little Jasper is well soon and gets to come home to the family who misses him.


Yes, wishes for all the family to be well.


Thank goodness for your Mother being there, eh??

Hope you get some sleep. I was just in the hospital with my oldest who had surgery just a few weeks ago. NOT FUN!

Two of mine are now needing the nedulizer often. Parenting sure can be rough.

Thanks for the update, was hoping there would be one. I told myself I would stay off of here for a few days, but needed to log on and see how wee Jasper is doing.

Still praying...


Praying for you all...


Tess honey, missing you and worrying for you all. Mac has grommets and it is a smooth and easy surgery...if any surgery can really be "easy". Peice of cake for the doctors, not always so for little boys...BUT great to improve hearing and such.


Oh no! I miss one day, and look at what happens. My heart skipped a beat when I saw your top entry. Please know that there are lots of prayers coming your way from the northeast corner of the US. Hang in there.


I finished THE CURIOUS INCIDENT... recently too. An excellent read. We're praying for Jasper's quick recovery & for all the rest of you too.

Kimberly K.

Delurking to say my thoughts and prayers are with your family.


Thanks for the update. Poor J, hope he feels MUCH better soon, and that you can get some rest.

Are grommets = ear tubes? Maggie got those around 2 years old, and the surgery was a breeze, all over in 15 minutes and she was drinking water and eating toast almost immediately, felt fine. One of the tubes has lasted more than 2 years. She's had no ear infections since, and I believe it has helped significantly with her speech and language skills. The only effort required is to remember her ear plugs for baths and swimming. She quite likes them.

Now when I call her, I know she hears me, she just chooses not to respond!

Praying for Jasper, and best wishes to all of you,


Hope Jasper is doing better.

If grommets are the same thing as tubes then I had them twice as a child and they made all the difference in the world. Good Luck!

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