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March 19, 2006


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The thought of water makes me nauseous too! I thought I was the only one. My husband thinks it is freakish.

Eat the cake. Life is too short even if you live to be 100, it would be a shame to have not enjoyed a bite from pieces along the way, you know?

LOVE the March pictures!


Wait - I'm viewing January, not March!

Want March!!


bwhahahahahah! at least marshall doesn't have to worry about running out of hair for a while. at least not in length anyway. as for me, i know what you mean. yesterday sagan told me that 10 was grown up. strange, i wasn't sure that 35 was grown up yet. aparently i've been a grown up for a quarter century. at least they don't know about words like decade and century yet. once they do we might as well start digging. and i have heard beauty contestants use `roid cream to tighten things up for contests too. somehow i just can't get over the whole location-of-proper-use stigma to even think of attempting it.

p.s. here's a teaser for you: 2ww :)


Tess, eat the cake and enjoy that you are the smarty pants that you are. You have a great gene pool so you have nothing to worry about.
I've never admitted to my 80s past but do you remember the 'crimped' hair phase that we all went through? too awesome and gnarly!

Auntie Pammie

Once again dear sister, I am only 35, so you better adjust your figures. I guess I am vain enough in that when I can save enough, I am going to get my eyes done, get..
And I still live most of my memories from the 80's.. remember ice mist, fancy ass jeans, heavy metal,,,, etc etc.
Where are the pics?
P xo


Sorry, i could only smile.

Like Pam, I live in the 80's too...why is that bad?

Dancing with myself--oh oh oh oh


If 40 is the new 30, then 36 is the new 21. I vote to lie, personally. How old are you? I'm 31. Really? No. Are you lying? Yes. About your age? Yes. About lying? No. How old are you really? 25. Really? No. It's fun. Not really lying because people know I'm not telling my true age. And I eventually admit my real age (36 years and one month), but they just don't realize it. :)


The comment wasn't about your appearence, just your age. You look pretty good for that. So just appreciate things.

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