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March 23, 2006


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Poor Little ones with the POX. I hope they feel better soon! Great cake and I was sorry to hear JJ missed his birthday party but glad he is doing better!


Poor buddies with chicken pox! I hope they feel/get better soon!
Those pics just break your heart (the pox ones).

Loved the elmo cake, my 7 month olds love the guy and momma is begging for another song to be stuck in her head besides "la la la la elmo's song" :)


Poor babies with their pox.

Tessy darling, you are looking v skinny. Dont get too thin, k!

love you



I don't mean to offend you but was just wondering why you didn't have your children vaccinated against chicken pox. There is always debate about whether to vaccinate or not and was just interested in your view.


oh poor sela, she really does look a sorry sight. hope she gets over it soon and is not in too much discomfort. i'm still waiting for me 3 yr old to get it, not looking forward to it :(


I hope her/your night was better than expected.
Those photos really broke my heart! She has quite a case. :(


Oh dear!

Poor babes with pox! Sela looks miserable.

I had it in the third grade and found it luxurious to do homework in bed (a trend that entrenched itself!), and to have a portable tv set up for my own personal entertainment.

Left a "romantic" bent on pox in my mind - which Sela's picture clearly belies!


Poor babies. I ahd the CP really bad as a kid. I had them in my mouth and eyes. It was awful according to my mom. The best part...I don't rmeember any of it other than getting to watch TV with my mom! I hope your kids don;t remember it either.


Oh the poor babies!! Sela's obvious discomfort just breaks my heart!! Party pics look great. LOVE the party hat - you wild animal!

The pic of Scheming Carys is priceless!!


That cake does look pretty good. And the kids are mostly smiling despite.


Poor little babies! It sure breaks your heart to see your babies sick, doesn't it?

Birthday party looked great, though.

Auntie Pammie

poor Sela, my heart is breaking for her..Lots of extra hugs and kisses from Auntie Pammie xoxo


Oh, poor Sela, hope she feels all better very soon! And I hope anyone else gets only a very mild case, not itchy or sore.
Tess, I have almost the same "Party" hat, only the one I was given is bright pink fun fur, with the same candles growing out of the top like worms. I got it for my 40th birthday, and it's travelled around several other family members since.
On YOU, it looks good!
Best wishes to all of the family,

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