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April 09, 2006


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you had better stop writing such tantalizing tales of hk or else you may wind up with a plethora of potential house guests knocking at your door!

Auntie Pammie

Ok, enough teasing. I will be graduating Dec 2007, the minute i sober up from the graduation, I will be jumping on a plane and coming over, because reading this blog is making me crave to be there and go exploring with you!!

I have enough airmiles squirreled away to make the trip (business class to boot!) so mark your calendar that Dec /07, Jan 08 I will be so excited to be coming over, being able to spoil x4 ,and spend time with all of you.

I can close my eyes still and see Hong Kong, I can smell those scents you speak of,......

I look outside my front window today, it is 11C ,raining and my front lawn is a shade of brown that I cannot dexcribe, and I wish I was there more than you know!!

Love to you all..
Auntie P xoxox
ps) I am off to Vancouver from Apr 23-26th to see Gran :-)


Oh how I love to explore too! Tess I hope that I have the opportunity to explore some of Hong Kong with you someday!!

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