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April 28, 2006


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Come on, you're supposed to sing it, not say it.


I've seen Elton John twice- once at Wembley with Eric Clapton & Bonnie Raitt and another time stateside with Billy Joel. They were both great concerts.


awwww, now I miss him too. hope the time passes quickly until he is back with you & the kids.

Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

What a beautiful tribute to your blue-eyed boy, Tess..... and I mean Charles, not Elton! Was quite teary by the end of the blog.

xox M


i told marshall i was going to to an all night study session for finals. i can't even remember which class, probably pathogens. it was the end of the fall semester. i remember that much. i stayed up all night on the colonnade. i wasn't prepared for the freezing (literally!) cold that night as all i had on was a denim jacket. i was about 12th in line at the ticket office the next morning. i didn't get much studying done. i did get damned good seats. elton, in gainesville!

marshall and i enjoyed the concert much as you and mc did, but tempered by time. by 2000 we were already old folks. but there is one song. six years ago i probably wouldn't have even noticed it, but now...if you want to see me cry all you have to do is play elton. one song. go ahead. try to listen to it without opening the flood gates. you can't do it, can you.

"the greatest discovery"


Tess, I had forgotten all about that night ... it was great - thanks for helping me re-live it!


That is my very favourite Elton John song. We had a babysitter many years ago who used to play "your song" on the piano downstairs, as I was falling asleep.
I'd love to get the sheet music, so I can play it to our kids. Maybe I should just look for the Greatest Hits CD, that might be easier!
Do you have the Bob the Builder video called A Christmas to Remember, in which Elton John does a claymation cameo appearance and sings the Crocodile Rock? It's pretty cute.

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