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April 14, 2006


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Peggy from Seattle

Hey Tess, I wanted to pop in and say that Claire of course due to her PROM had very small lungs and had to put all her energy into breathing, and she too didn't grow for a long time til the breathing stuff was resolved and the steroids were weaned. She's about four inches short than her identical triplet sisters, who are almost always the same weight/height. All that breathing stuff definitely made her smaller. We saw some improvement when we added more calories to her diet and also more protein. We sometimes even add whipping cream to her milk etc and all of that definitely perked her up, but she's still small comparatively. Hope that is confirming... btw most of the growth seems to go to keeping her trunk a good size, the legs/arms can get quite skinny :-)


Only two in the running? Or should I say, Wow! Two in the running! Pretty good!


Yes, perspective is ALWAYS good!!!

Auntie Pammie

Let JJ know that Auntie has some Girl guide cookies for him, and those shold easily help him gain a ounce or two. I know it helps me in that way.
Happy Easter to you and your clan.


We use pulmicort. We don't have a choice unfortunately and we had to increase it a few weeks ago. Total bummer just when Sean was starting to finally grow.
He is having a lung function test soon to determine how damaged his lungs are. He doesn't gain weight due to the lungs working so hard AND food allergies. Once we found the allergy problem, the weight packed on almost overnight.

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