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April 23, 2006


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it does not matter how much we try to avoid it...it will happen..we will all turn into our mothers..even our husbands are not exempt from this...Rick has started too...in some ways it SCARY...in other ways its comforting...mostly I am annoyed..I tried so hard in some places NOT to be like my mother...yet it is those exact ways which i have become most like her...
in your defense...planning and packing for an international trip that will last 6 or more weeks..you are allowed to begin that process whenever you want to!!!! Especially if you are traveling with four children all under the age of 5!!!! The sooner you begin the better...Missing you lots..xo lyns


Too funny! This was like reading about Matthew & I. I'm your mom - lists galore & packing well in advance. Matt, on the other hand, has been known to pack while the car was warming up in the driveway for the drive to the airport!


may I come and have lunch with you & Charles in Toronto?

Auntie Pammie

I am crying from laughing, I too find myself doing "Momisms" more and more as time goes by.
As for the 117lbs, get in line sister :-)
Love to you all xoxox


There could be much worse traits to inherit. This one sounds very good!

It's lovely that you are looking forward to your trip so much, that you are already thinking of who you will see, and what the family will enjoy eating.
I know about some of the logistics of travelling with your family with young children, for an extended period - daunting. You were very organized last year, so I'm sure it will all come together very nicely this time.
Wishing you happy planning. But I'm not saying "bon voyage" just yet!

Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

Oh darling - what can I say?!!!

Love you to bits -

Mo xox

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