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April 15, 2006


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This is precious. Yes, the kids are much more important than the silly computer! Many parents don't realise that.

I have never understood about the "aboot" thing. Sounds nothing like that, to me!!! All the people here think it is fun to get me to say "out and about in a boat." I am not sure what about it is so entertaining. As the years go by, it seems to entertain them less and less. People have to ask now if I am Canadian, instead of it being as obvious:( This makes me SAD.

I have been gone from Canada for over 16 years and am very distraught that I am losing my accent. It took years for me to realise I HAD one, when everyone in the states insisted I did. Now, I am sad to lose it:(

Some of my kids say "Sorry" and some say the way Americans do...SAW-REE. They actually argue about it. All of them but one call me "Mum", the 10 year old makes it a point to say "Mom", but you can tell it is hard for him to do and doesn't come out naturally. I think it is a phase. Someone drew it to his attention that he said "Mum", and it bothered him to be different I think. It has been a little over a year since that nonsense, I am hoping he will tire of it soon. The oldest gets very annoyed and says, "She is MUM! Call her what she IS!!!"

Keep enjoying your babes. Two of my kids are small. Oldest has only been ON the chart a few times in his life and that was always around 3rd or 4th percentile. Usually he isn't even on. He is 13 years old and has just reached 70 lbs. There is some more perspective for you! Will reply to your e-mail soon, honest!!

Auntie Pammie

Can I play school with Sebbie this summer? Please put in a good word with him so that I get the chance to join in the fun.
Love Auntie P xo


I get the canadian accent thing all the time here as well. Although when the local Oz contigency tries it on, they make it sound as if we are from the blue hills of Kentucky, making moonshine and babies and learnin' and all, then they throw in a little rap talk just for balance, I think western tv has warped some sopac minds and opinions of us northern hemisphere types!
oh well, it's fun to mess with them sometimes what with the boys in the 'hood. and all that lurnin and baybees and whiskee and stuff.



I must say when I met you I didnt detect an accent and I was listening for one, sorry! :-)!, I didnt hear one at all, I just thought you were hysterical and kept me in stitches!!
Love & Miss you!


whut axsent? y'all don't have no axsent. now, chuck, there's a guy weith un axcent!

gotta love the south. i don't think i have a southern accent either, but when i was out in california once my friend's brother kept laughing at me for saying y'all. he thought it was, to borrow a california term, hella funny. actually you could come to florida in the winter if you think you are losing your accent. plenty of canadians here in the winter.


Are you now sounding Cantonese?


Is that the reason there was no school today? The pooing?

Too funny.

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